That Schlage Key

"If I hadn't had individual disability insurance, I would've faced financial difficulties."
Dr. Robert Maben, surgeon, disability insurance customer.

I Love Writing Life insurance and health insurance because its complicated now and people need help. People also need to get their insurance before they have a major event like I did with heart surgery.

I grew up in a very small town, my father ran the drug store since 1953. I started working at age 8 and learned about business, customer service, and how to treat people from him. Unfortunately he died at age 64 unexpectedly and I had to return to run and close down his business. I learned from that what happens when fathers and business owners don’t plan. That the government does not help, but gets in the way.

Now I run my own business a corporation. What binds us together, what is the single item, like a talisman that I touch every day that brings me back to the story, and the history of his small town Rexall Drug Store. I sent my entire warehouse out to be shredded, who needs 20 years of paper files, but miraculously the negative of the photo of the old drug store survived. That framed print is prominently on one of my office walls next to dad’s pharmacy degree.

Every time I walk up to the front door of my law firm, and I put that Schlage Key in the lock, I think of my father walking up to the front door of his store and putting his Schlage Key in the lock. I sometimes wonder if it’s the same key, some how magically from his hand, to mind. I remember going with him when the alarm went off at the Rexall, whenever I’m going to my office to see why the alarm went off. I remember taking his deposits to the bank every day, like I take my deposits to the bank now. Its come full circle and I don’t want my family to not have a plan, and I don’t want any of my clients to not have a plan what to do when the head of the family or the business passes away.

The other talisman is that we both got up every day, when to our office and took care of the people that depended on us since 1953 and you can count on that today.

I started out working for other lawyers, and when I realized I was a smart as they were I became one an attorney and insurance agent. To see the panic and rush to track, count, and print out billable hours on giant main frame computer every month never made sense to me. But I wasn’t sure if they had a Schlage Key.

But years later I was doing the same thing on a personal computer, until I realized it was time to make a difference and make sure everyone had enough life insurance before they had major heart surgery like I had. Because when you get older and have health issues insurance is harder and harder to get.

Of course I have the credentials, public university B.A. Univ. California, private law school J. D. Univ. Of Pacific McGeorge, judicial clerkships, California Life Insurance License 0i31296. I’ve been admitted as an attorney in two States, and all the Federal courts all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, but that is not what is important. What I learned working behind the counter of the small drug store, and what I learned about that Schlage Key, that is what is important. Taking care of people, making sure their familes are taken care of.

Now my clients contact me by phone, skype or email (oh I’ll meet with them too). And I solve their problems when I can and they don’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere. I have experience with business going back to the age of 8,

My office is now full of people to help the clients meet their planning objectives, and find the right Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities for them. I’m there to talk to any clients that make an appointment to talk with me or see me, and you won’t get a bill everytime you call on the phone and you will get your life insurance plan before something happens and you cannot qualify to get insurance, like heart failure, kidney disease, cancer and etc..

I spend every weekend training my little dog Spartie at least one hour on Saturday and Sunday. My practice is very interested in working with families, and non-traditional families, dog lovers and anyone that wants to set up trusts, pet trusts, estate planning and life insurance plans that will last forever. Just like our relationship.

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